Locked Safe [OC]

I don't think you know what edge lord means, my man. It is not excessive cussing. Are you an adult? Are you an actual legal adult going on Reddit calling people "cringey" in an attempt to put them down? lol.

I hate to break it to you man, you're by far what most people probably a few years younger than you would call a cringelord. I am not ashamed of putting myself out there, I just straight up think you're a bitter loser. I'm not even trying to be mean.

Who does what you are doing if they are in a good spot? You like to make people feel bad??? Oooof, giga-cringe.

I genuinely don't know if you are a child or not, but if you aren't, you should feel bad man. I don't feel bad about the things I do. I'm not saying this to be mean. You put yourself out there to be cruel, I am simply giving perspective to how I myself see you as a huge loser.

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