[LOF] Help wanted (maybe)

Experience: I have been an independently contracted personal trainer since March of 2014. That requires an outgoing, cordial, and friendly personality, but also requires the ability to make and close sales. If I don't close a sale then I don't get paid. On top of all else, I am VERY organized. To have a schedule that is not repetitive (random training times throughout the day/week/month) requires a detail oriented character.

I have also interned with an eye doctor in the summer of 2013. The tasks required were checking patients in and out, filling out insurance claims, and administering minor eye exams such as teaching patients how to put contacts in/ out, and checking for glaucoma through the machine. Just as before, this job requires a personable, organized, and customer oriented personality.

Skills/ Highlights: -Completed Public Speaking Course -Graduated Marketing 101 Course -Completed AP Literature (High School) -Able to maintain a stable personality/ emotions will not effect my work -Personable and friendly -Versatile. Put me in any situation and I will thrive.

Why do you want me to be a part of your team? Aside from everything previously noted (my ability to stay organized, personable , and present your company with the utmost dignity and respect if I were to be representing you), a CS Rep needs to be available all hours of the day, and I can be. As a personal trainer, I work 15-20 hours a week at most, therefore I have plenty of free time on my hands to be on the sub, which I usually am even if I'm not posting anything (Plus the majority of the hours that I work are weird, early morning/ late night hours so it wouldn't even interfere with this position). Therefore, by representing you, I will have an actual reason to be on here... to provide fun and friendly service to your customers/ members of the sub.

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