Logging into a funny videos website to see the top post yet another clip of a woman weakly striking a man before getting brutalized and knocked unconscious in response, with all the top comments going like “hell yeah daddy”, “that’s hot” and “another feminist taken down”

From what I remember I hadn't seen any trans women talking about inclusivity on menstrual health or PCOS subs. And really why would we want to? The first experimental uterus transplant for a trans woman hasn't even been approved yet (though I think there is a study waiting for approval in England). The only people who I have seen talk about it in trans spaces are trans men.

The only remotely menstrual health inclusivity related complaint I have even heard from other trans women is about how many people ignore or don't know that trans men exist; causing situations like people blaming us for a menstrual health supply company removing the venus symbol from their package, when it was in fact done to make trans men more comfortable and had nothing to do with us.

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