Logo I did for a video production studio

That's why I said cursive text is usually not cut out for smaller sizes. The thumbnail size is only 70px on reddit, it may work for simpler letters with little contrast but not something like this because it wasn't designed for it. The thumbnail on FB is even smaller I believe. If the client wants to scale it to those sizes then of course it would need to be redesigned like I mentioned earlier, like say just using the BD as initials or something along those lines so it doesn't stray too far from the original wordmark. On a different note you're judging it purely based on a thumbnail, this is why I explained earlier that's the wrong way to look at it to see if it's effective. It's quite easy to get something to look good or readable at thumbnail size, doesn't necessarily mean the logo works for any and all sizes in different settings. What may look good on a pencil may look like shit on screen or if embroidered, different usages therefore different requirements. Every logo has to be modified to work for different sizes based on where it's used and how. My guess is this logo wasn't meant to be used at super small sizes like the thumbnail, they may have used it as a placeholder for now but for the majority of its use it'll be nothing less than atleast a business card size.

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