Lojtari shqiptar i Maqedonisë u përzu nga një restorant në Prilep vetëm pse foli shqip

Multiculturalism only really is a problem when you have wildly differing cultures within one country. So that's why immigration of non-Europeans into European countries is a ludicrous idea that will cause problems.

Macedonians and Albanians have a lot of common history and a similar culture due to mixing of the 2 peoples in Western Macedonia. Dare I say, we used to be allies until the 90s' when chauvinism took off as a popular idea.

There are definetly a lot of stereotypes and prejudices to be done away with, but it's not an insurmountable obstacle. In this regard I think the shitty politicians are the ones who try and divide us so we're distracted while they run off with the fucking money.

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