[LoL] Alex Ich says he got no offer from C9 or CLG


CLG continues to crush my hopes and dreams.

Honestly though, Alex Ich would be the only trade in terms of NA talent I would swap Link for. Link did very well with C9 back in All stars as a support mid (lulu) because meteos handled all the engages and he could ride the Balls/Sneaky hard carry. Link however isn't a playmaker, nor a good carry, or shotcaller. He clearly can't handle these high responsibility roles. The way I see it we have two options.

  1. Dump all resources to replace Link to get an actual hard carry/playmaker mid. Asking said person to also shotcall may be a bit much, but no one else in CLG seems to be stepping up. Alex Ich suits this perfectly. I would prefer him over anyone in EU since he'll get along better with the team.

  2. Get an aggressive jungler known for his/her initiations, ballsy moves, and map control. Spirit would be a godsend but there are other options. Have this person initiate and tank the teamfight like Meteos, let Zion and DL hard carry so Link can ride the coat tails as support mid.

Ideally we replace both Xmithie and Link. But I think just replacing one should be enough to get us past TL. The other can be replaced after summer split when there are more options on the table. If CLG is going to make roster changes, we should find out latest 2 weeks from now. First series will start end of May, so they should get contracts finalized at least 2 weeks prior I would assume.

Xmithie and Link are holding our teamfights back ALOT. If they both stay for summer, I don't think there's any chance of making it to worlds.

Also, CLG can buy Alex Ich out of any reluctances he may have. Let's not kid ourselves here. He'll be making at least triple what he's currently making with Misfits with more sponsorships, LCS salary, shares within clg org, increased twitch views, tournament earnings, etc.

George can make it fucking happen. Pls George. PLLLLLSSSSSSS.

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