Lol i was auto triggered by this episode as a former scad student and current corporate baddie

Artists deal with issues of self-worth in an increasingly inflationary-economy (even amongst white people) -- the notion that one's family will actually take you seriously as your own person+artist is still very rare. Conservative "get a REAL job"-ology is present across racial boundaries but what y'all are pointing out is something that needs to be acknowledged more -- on top of ALL the economic realities of the WORLD (that pressure artists away from art), you STILL have to deal with internalized conservatism in your OWN family in a way that is truly more intense than white artists.

The reason this is crucial to acknowledge is because art is a major part in how we ultimately learn about ourselves; each other; the world -- it's how it is possible to really heal. For black people and people in general to heal, it is crucial artists are taken more seriously -- if we want an enriched, enlightened world, that is!!

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