Lol bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh

Lolol but Why bother? Why put in the effort to point out the "non constructiveness" of my comment when it was none other than an aimlessly expression of my dislike for a platform that shouldn't have offended you ?

I think we can analyse this psychologically

The first scenario is that you subconsciously felt that my comment devaluated yours so you reacted as if my comment was harmful to you even when it was in no way intended to negatively affect you.

The second one is that you moderate the comments threads

But the most probable possibility is that you're probably still young and by relating my comment to past events your mind unconsciouly percieved it as malevolent and made you react passive aggressively

You probably might deny this now due to the belief system armor our minds are naturally built with however I'm sure if you come back to this in a few years it will all make sense

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