[LOL]Can we collectively apologize to POB for not being excited enough?

Hello Bronze Tale. Thank you for taking your time out to voice your thoughts however you are rather uninformed. "Kori best ranking is better than POB after 2 split." now it seems english is not your first language but I interpreted this as you saying MYM placed higher in EU lcs than WFX did in NA lcs. This is actually untrue MYM placed 10th, whcih is DEAD LAST, while WFX got bottom 2 and played a promotional best of 5 which they lost to get relegated, so off the bat I can see that you really are uninformed. "He was praised as a top 3 mid laner by the like of Febiven." Honestly this is quite an irrelevant point in the fact that Pobelter has also been said to been a top 3 mid from NA lcs pros. Also coupled with the fact that Kori looked unimpressive in their games in his short lived 1 split career I would say that one tweet where he was said to be a top 3 mid doens't have any sustenance to the claim. Also Kori has less experience from Pobelter. "I don't see any reason to doube he was not only better than POB but also mad more potential." Come on man you are living in a delusional state, their are plenty reasons to doubt he wasn't better because his actual performances were quite underwhelming, and less potential? I would argue Pobelter has 200x more potential than Kori given that Pobelter has shown that he has the mechanical skill and game knowledge to be a great player and there was already a ton of hype around Pobelter given that he was able to achieve Challenger in Korea which is a pretty big accomplishment given that a few LCS pros can't even make masters in Korea. "Alex is a no brainer on why he would be a safer and possibly better pick for mid lane." My god you seriously have no clue what you are talking about. Alex wouldn't be an automatic safer pick because Alex has not only had trouble in the recent past but also doesn't look impressive in the recent past, yes he was a beast on M5 but stop living in the past, start living in the present. The rest of your comments just seems to be fluff and knowledge from the circle jerk that was going on in this subreddit inbetween splits. I think Pobelter and Huhi are a great addition and they only have room to GROW, why would they want Kori a pretty subpar midlaner with known attitude issues, or Alex ich someone who still at the moment would be a bottom tier mid laner.

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