[LOL] CLG vs TSM post match discussion

Why is everyone so salty? Lol. TSM is the best team in NA right now, calm down. We still had a good showing and didn't get completely dumpstered. Whether we'll beat TL, the second best team in NA, is really anyone's guess. The 3 games we had before this we're absolutely devastating, we fucking rekt those teams.

CLG's teamfight also looks ALOT better, huge improvement over previous splits. I've felt confident before with CLG but never THIS confident. This is the best roster we've ever had as an organization. And I really like BlurredLines and have faith that he's leading the team in the right direction; he has the expertise and experience to do it.

Also CLG's game plan got fucked. With the Lee Sin pick, they clearly wanted to get a lead early and snowball off that. Likely invading a 1v2 lane Dyrus v Double+Aphro top. Part of the reason why they always invade red is to get control of top side. TSM knew this coming in and played the same game with enough confidence, throwing dyrus bot and turtle/lustboy top. Maokai is the best 1v2 champion in-game, he handles himself easily SOLO, but loses the main benefit of having him lane-phase. It basically went down like this:

  1. Double+Aphro got 2v2. CLG probs thinks they have better 2v2 lane. But with sivir, Double got out-farmed and they weren't able to exert enough pressure, even with rek sai farming jungle 24/7. They were getting pushed in which is why they swapped bot, to force the 1v2 vs Dyrus. Unfortunately, they got 5 manned.

  2. Rek sai has faster jungle clear than lee sin. Period. He has more sustain as well with w. Overall just a stronger meta pick. Rek sai's lategame/teamfight isn't that good, but neither is lee sin (he has the kit, but it's more mechanically-intensive and he's not tanky enough). Simply put; rek sai had more vision control of jungle ONLY because of his farm lead. Xmithie's best champ is lee sin, his mechanics are stellar with him, but he NEEDS to master other champs. Xmithie's vision control this game was very poor overall.

  3. Pobelter lost lane. This was to be expected. I don't think CLG ever planned to even bother trying to gank bjerg, especially with him on LB. They gambled on the 2v1 top or bot lane snowball as soon as lee sin/maokai was locked in. Pobelter by no means had a bad showing, he actually did better than most mids NA would do against bjerg and kept mostly even farm. Bjerg got a cs lead, roamed and the rest is history.

TSM clearly studied CLG's playstyle very intensively and prepared a game perfectly suited for it. I think they largely got the picks they wanted and the results show.

CLG can't rely on the 2v2 lane lead, it's very hard this meta to really get a lead 2v2 cuz every1 plays so passive and support allows too much disengage. They should play the way fnatic does with Huni, unleash Zion from his cage and let him carry the game. I think Zion carry is ALOT more reliable than DL. Sorry, DL is past his prime and should retire soon. Zion is at his. Jungle Priority in Zion's lane and snowball that out of control. Zion is the best top laner NA. Abuse this.

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