[LoL] Let's have a discussion about draft phase and why I think CLG's is one of the best in NA, but could still improve.

This was pretty insightful. I'll include the Pick and Ban Order... Bans: CLG--> Xerath, LeBlanc, Maokai TSM--> Rumble, Morgana, Nidalee

Round 1 Draft: CLG--> Lissandra TSM--> Ahri, J4

Round 2 Draft: CLG--> Vi, Janna TSM--> Sion, Sivir

Round 3 Draft: CLG-->Corkie, Gnar TSM-->Annie


Ban Phase: I think CLG & TSM both banned really well. Although, in retrospect banning Sivir instead of LeBlanc might have been a better idea, especially if you were planning on first picking Lissandra. The reason being that Ahri and LeBlanc are basically interchangeable (high mobility, burst-mages, Bjerg is godly at both, both when fed can carry games) and picking one leaves the other open, and no team is going to run both leblanc and ahri on the same team (maybe UOL). Round 1 Drafting: This went as expected. Lissandra fits well in any team comp and has no discernable weaknesses. TSM takes the only midlaner that Bjerg has played in LCS that allows him to hard carry, and J4 who is the only S-Rank Jungler in the game right now. Round 2 Drafting: There are still more power picks to grab here (i.e. not VI) Janna is a great pick up as it is contested with Lustboy. Taking Sivir (if not banned earlier) here would've been smarter as it is contested with WildTurtle; Sivir has really strong outplay potential for both Lissandra and Vi; it was too dangerous to let her pass through the 2nd round of the draft phase. The top laner had to be picked last as their first pick was a flex. Round 3 Drafting: Gnar is a pretty unreliable pick up as the timing around his mega form can be abused. I'm more okay with picking him up with J4 because of the amazing synergy they have but not without. After seeing the Sion and Sivir pick here, CLG should've realized that late game they're going to have to deal with the late game Sivir and Sion who are extremely high DPS and Tank. So taking Corki here was a great choice as it forces the lane swap. However, Gnar was an average choice as he does well in the lane swap but does not do high damage late game to break down the Sion frontline. Azir would've been really good here (lane swap friendly, damage that forces Sion to not play retardedly forward -limiting Sion's zoning potential, great late game damage scaling)

Summary: The mentality behind this pick and draft phase was kind of 1. Xmithie is new lets make sure he gets his comfort champion, but in the process we'll leak our focus on being a lockdown comp. 2. Lets let DL have the last pick so he can pick something that will have carry potential against enemy comp. 3. Zion being a frontliner is better for DL to carry. CLG needs to not babysit Xmithie. He's a proven jungler, let him last pick when J4 is already gone as the versatility of junglers when last picked has enormous implications for team composition (Vi - Single Target Lock Down, Rengar - Unpredictable assassinations, Rek'Sai - Fast Map Movement, Lee Sin - early game skirmisher into late game playmaker). DL is an amazing player if not the best in the world, but CLG no longer needs to "Protect the Doublelift"; the other CLG laners have superstar potential if we just move them onto carry options, and DL can carry when he gets fed in the game (not on hoping he gets fed during champ select).

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