Lol The Ringer unionizing has managed to get Barstool in some trouble

Thanks as well for communicating without arguing.

Everything you write is true, and yeah, if they don't have adequate health care/401k packages/benefits, I agree. But those should be negotiated by the individual when accepting an offer. Do you think it's fair for Russillo/Conception/Ryan to get the same package as a podcast producer when one CLEARLY brings in more revenue? I don't.

Remember, The Ringer is still a business that's focus is to make money. Like ESPN.

My thing is, the field they are in (journalism) -- you can't just fire Zach Lowe and replace him. In other fields like public transportation and mail services, you CAN fire John Smith and replace 98% of his value. Those fields make sense to have unions and I agree with that. They need protections.

I don't see how a field like journalism/media (ESPN, Ringer, Barstool, Fox Sports, etc...) needs unions. If you bring value, you get raises. It's like most skilled fields. Finance, medicine, law, tech, etc...

Seems like the lower level employees just want more.

Hope all the makes sense.

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