[LoL][Spoilers] All-Stars Event 2015 - Day 3

I was definitely a little salty after how bad day 1 was for Team Fire, everything seemed really one sided and boring. But they did amazing day 2.

The 1v1 bracket is looking really good for us now. Bjergsen is just really good at finding a way in for a kill. LeX has been pretty impressive for Team Ice, but I think PraY is just on another level this tournament (and probably in general). Doublelift hasn't been as amazing, but him vs. kaSing is just...uh... I don't even know what to say about kaSing lol. I think Froggen vs. Aphro is the only match here I really give the advantage to Team Ice on, and that's only because Froggen has had some really legit strats so far (for this game mode). I think he was a little bit outplayed both times, though. Faker lost because he played it too much like a standard 1v1 and went for some kill pressure, and Koro lost because he made a dumb move and Froggen was smart enough to wait it out and take the advantage that presented itself. I think if Aphro can force Froggen into an actual duel he can win it, but he'll need something equally smart if Froggen goes for another CS win.

I'd love to see a win for us against LPL, but I'm not sure about it. Double and Aphro have looked really good in lane and then less-so later on in the games. Double has been getting picked off a lot again. And Dyrus just hasn't looked good at all. But I'm confident we'll have something planned and I'd love to see us smash them.

Assassin Mode will be interesting but I don't think it'll be as fun to watch as Marksman. It'll have some amazing duels and 1v1 plays, but I doubt there will be as much teamplay as in the Marksman match. More about 3 or 4 different duels all going on in different parts of the map at the same time.

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