[LOL][Spoilers] CLG vs TiP - Match Thread

How deep is your head up your ass to actually believe this kind of shit? CLG has been doing this for nearly 3 years now. We're fucking sick of it. Last split, with Monte, CLG finally looked like they were going to be a top team. What happened? Link couldn't do a fucking thing in a single game that mattered, Dexter fell apart because of how miserable the atmosphere between him and the rest of the team was, and the small shy Korean kid became a complete shut-in with annihilated confidence because the entire team kept shitting on him (Except Aphromoo).

So hey, we were going get a new split - we'd change members, get new people in, and really have a chance, right? But we all saw it happen during recruitment: Link was not an instant replacement (Who was by far the worst player on that team last split, NOT Seraph, as Link shat the bed EVERY SINGLE GAME against a good team), one of the best junglers was replaced with one of the worst junglers (that remains true) and we brought in a toplaner that has to carry on his own because CLG, true to form, still refuses to play around their toplaner.

And so when everyone said "Holy shit, this is going to be bad, we still didn't replace link and we brought in one of the worst junglers", all the dumbass fans like yourself said "hey give them a chance, they might do well, THEY'RE ALL FRIENDS NOW YOU KNOW!!!"

And here we are again. Link being an absolute waste of life against any top team - AGAIN. Xmithie being absolutely terrible on the best jungle champion in the game - SURPRISE. And the team once again letting their top laner take it up the ass - AGAIN.

We've been here before. We've been here EVERY SINGLE SPLIT. CLG will not even make it to top 3 at playoffs because they've fucked up AGAIN.

Anyone who wants to be a fan of this team needs to stop deluding themselves that they're cheering for a contender for the title. You're cheering for a midrange team, ala old dignitass, that will never ever win anything again. Don't act like they "learn from their mistakes moving forward", you asshole. They haven't "learned" in four fucking years. CLG is incapable of learning a fucking thing.

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