[LoL][Spoilers] Post Match Discussion: WK4D2 CLG vs TSM

I'm quite disappointed too, but have hope CLG fans! I honestly think this is the strongest CLG's ever been. Some personal analysis:

Both teams understood their win conditions and played it very well. CLG going for mid game, lockdown team comp with Corki, Vi, and Lissandra. TSM opting for a late game, kitey, elusive team comp to survive the early-mid game with Sivir, Ahri, and Sion.

As far as picks and bans go, I think both teams came out even. Pretty typical target bans (Xerath, Leblanc) from CLG vs Bjergsen. I thought the Maokai ban was odd but understandable since he is still a big threat. Nice bans from TSM as well, especially the Morgana ban against Aphromoo. It forced CLG to take away Janna early in the pick rotation to take it away from Lustboy. Very nice picks from both teams, especially TSM’s Sivir pick.

The team fight near red side blue buff was the deciding team fight. This was the point at which if CLG wins the fight, they go into close out mode and methodically finish out the game. If TSM wins the fight, they start comeback mode and outscale CLG to victory.

CLG’s vision was very impressive. Early game, they knew exactly where the roaming Lustboy and Santorin were, and CLG’s aggression was very calculated. I recall a point in the game when Link tried to bait Bjergsen in the midlane with Xmithie waiting to go in. Link successfully baited out Bjergsen’s charm but CLG’s wards notified Xmithie that Annie and Jarvan were near wraith camp and he pulled out of the gank.

Sadly this game is adds more evidence to the claim that Link cannot perform under pressure. Aside from the obvious throw near red side blue buff, he repeatedly failed to close out kills, dove way too deep, and could not lock down priority targets with his ult. I recall him missing a kill on Ahri near red side mid outer turret and a kill on Sion near red side top inner turret. I also recall him engaging way too deep and dying in the early game near red side blue buff/gromp. CLG got a dragon out of it but I doubt TSM would have contested that objective anyways.

TSM team fight extremely well. You can really see the synergy and the communication among all five members play out in their 5v5 team fights. Everyone knows when to engage, who to engage on, who to prioritize, and they all move as a single unit. Take this and compared to CLG’s team fighting. Doublelift either positions way too behind the fight or way too deep in the fight. Either/both Link and Zion engage too early, too deep, or seemingly without communicating their engage beforehand as evident by late or no follow up from the rest of the team. TSM’s formula for the longest time has been to win lane and transition into 5v5. Even if they are behind, TSM’s ability to team fight cannot be underestimated.

An amusing side note, it seems whenever Dyrus feeds (meaning he gets camped) TSM ends up winning the game.

As long as CLG doesn’t go back to their usual mid-split slump, I have a good feeling we’ll be seeing this match up deep in the playoffs.

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