[LoL] A Team Under Pressure

I'm looking at you Doublelift. All of the top teams in NA (TSM, C9, TiP) have a clear-cut "face of the team". Bjergsen, Hai, and XWX. These guys DO NOT SHY AWAY from shouldering the burden of carrying their teams, whether they win or lose. Take Hai for example. The dude has battled through a collapsed lung and WRIST ISSUES for God's sake, and he is still able to shot-call at a World-class level for one of the best teams in the West.

For better or worse, Doublelift is the fucking face of the franchise for CLG, but as Thooorin has pointed out, he can't lead the team for some reason. I really like Doublelift for his mechanics and his entertaining personality, but from a purely competitive standpoint, I wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole right now. He seems un-coachable, stubborn, and despite being viewed as the captain of the team, hasn't really stepped up to fulfill that role.

Can he change? I'd like to think so, but the guy is like 22 years old. He's been a part of competitive LoL for an eternity.

I think every single player right now on CLG, for the most part, is suffering from an identity crisis. Is Doublelift the carry? Is he a backline damage dealer? IS Aphro THE SHOTCALLER? Is he the initiator? The peeler? Is Zion the Split-pusher? Is he a carry? Is he a supportive tank player? Is Link a carry? Is he a control mage-player? Is he just a mid lane support/ward bot meant to help Zion and DL get fed for team fights? WHAT ARE THEIR ROLES WITHIN THE STRUCTURE OF THE TEAM???

WHAT IS CLG? ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO COMPETE FOR WORLDS EVERY SEASON? OR........ are they just satisfied with keeping an LCS spot and pulling in a paycheck? I really don't mind if it's the latter. IF they're just their to entertain fans and make some money being part of an eSport, I think that's totally fine. But don't promise your fans "change" and "success" if you're not going to commit to it, Hotshot.

And to HotshotGG. You were the ORIGINAL FUCKING LEGEND of League of Legends. You were the first high-volume streamer. You were Faker BEFORE Faker came around. You worked your ass off to make a name as the best player in the World back in the day, and you fucking CARRIED CLG the organization through your own streaming revenue. You were a fucking god.

I implore you. Please..... Don't let the brand that you poured your heart and soul to create back in 2010 go to waste. Please.

-A concerned fan.

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