LoLGeranimo gives up and intentionally feeds on stream

That last one was barely his fault, I'd only put him at fault because he has an audience, thus an obligation to set better examples.

It was an obvious troll pick in a master game. That support was 4 wins and 12 losses with support Zeri, 25% winrate. Their account has 1200 games total.

I don't think he should've reacted that way, and if it really bothered him that much he should've just dodged.

But I also don't think people understand how psychopathic some players are at that level. People would ban my one-trick simply because they didn't want that champ on their team. People will int you if they remember having a bad game with you. He's an oldhead and a pretty well known streamer. Once again, I don't think he handled it well and I think he has a responsibility to be held at standards far above everyone else. But if you were to view him, not as a streamer, he had a pretty reasonable response to someone intentionally ruining the game.

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