Londoners welcome Trump on London Tower

The jobs aren't coming back. Never will, we dont have the supremacy we once had in manufacturing.

I was a registered R. Not a fan of Obama. But he did great considering what he was up against. And yes, he did start the trend we have now. The economy takes cycles for policies of today to take effect.

You act like things are great in this country. Well let's agree to disagree. We need more of that.

But let's at least call out BS. Trump is a hypocrite and a liar - fact. He called out Obama for golf. Trump not only plays it more often and at a greater costs but also profits from it.

You are probably ok with him hiding his taxes right? You're ok with him obstructing justice - in the open!

Hey, let's agree to disagree but please stop treating him like a king. Hold him accountable.

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