‘Long live the Russians’: Djokovic’s dad filmed alongside fans with banned flags

Serb nationalists (chetniks) and yugoslavian partisans fought and were one of the most successful partisan movements in WW2, needing minimal aid from the allies in freeing their own country.

Chetnik collaboration went on for years and was widespread and took place over almost the whole of the World War Two period between 6 April 1941, to 12 September 1944, and continued for the rest of the war through to 8 May, 1945.

For example, we can look at Operation Weiss, the German operation against the Partisans in the Neretva Valley, commenced on February 27, 1943.

Between 15,000 and 18,000 Chetniks took part in this battle against the Partisans, on the German and Italian side. Serbian Chetnik leader General Draza Mihailovic personally led and directed the Chetnik forces in this operation. (Tomasevic p.236.)

In this battle, German non-commissioned officers were attached to the Chetnik units as tactical commanders,.... . (J.Tomasevic. P.253.)


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Yugoslavia might have decalared itself free of jews, idrk if they did tbh. But if they did it was while under german occupation and/or puppet governments.

The oppression of Jews in Serbia started before the arrival of Hitler’s occupying forces. Six months before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, Serbia voluntarily passed the legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy, education and employment. One year later, on 22 October 1941, anti-Semitic “Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibit” was funded by Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade.

Serbian Nazi fascists worked closely with German Nazi officials in making Belgrade the first “Judenfrei” city of Europe. Serbian leader Milan Nedic made an official visit to Adolf Hitler on 19 September 1943, advancing the idea that Serbia is no place for Jews and thanking ‘Führer’ for his decision to exterminate our people in Europe.


On 20 December 1941, the Serbian Chetnik army supreme commander, Draza Mihailovic, issued the “instructions” to his units, outlining his mission to create ethnically pure Serbia and commit genocide against the non-Serbs, particularly Bosnian Muslims who in large numbers joined anti-fascist Partisans. According to Mihailovic’s instructions, Chetnik army’s objective is:

“The creation of Greater Yugoslavia, and within it Greater Serbia, ethnically clean within the borders of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srem, Banat, and Bačka; The cleansing of all national minorities [including Jews] and anti-state elements from state territory; The creation of direct common borders between Serbia and Montenegro, as well as Serbia and Slovenia by cleansing the Bosniak population from Sandžak, and the Bosniak [Bosnian Muslim] and Croat populations from Bosnia and Herzegovina; 7.The settlement of the areas cleansed of national minorities and anti-state elements by Serbs and Montenegrins (to be considered are poor, nationally patriotic, and honest families).”

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