Looking at AMEX Gold/Plat, want to consider other options first.

Like u/VoxBoz said, your usage of the cards and ability to capitalize on the benefits/credits/bonus categories will determine the value you get out of the cards and the fees you pay for them. Both the Amex Gold and Plat are great cards if you can take advantage of what they offer. If you're willing to do a little extra work, you can get great value out of your MR points by taking advantage of Amex's many transfer partners.

Another way to go based on your current spending habits would be a Citi card setup. The Citi Premier card offers 3x on dining, groceries, gas, air travel and hotels. The public SUB is a 60,000 TYP for $4k in spend. The Citi TYP program has improved a lot in recent years and this card offers a great return on spend in these categories for a modest AF of $95.

If you also get a Citi DoubleCash card, which normally earns a flat 2% CB, you can opt to earn 2 TYP per $, which is a terrific return for regular non-bonus spend. The DC card does not have an AF.

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