Looking back at pictures and I feel like I don’t even know who that person is anymore..

Unfortunately, I have discovered that people are generally quite selfish.

for example, I started dating a woman last year who was dumped out the blue on by her previous boyfriend, her central view on the matter was "how can you just drop someone like they don't matter". She then decided to take a holiday with her friend to which I wanted her to do so she could have a break from things, at which point she just started ignoring text messages from me for no apparent reason, I must've only messaged her once or twice over three weeks. She returned home, told me she was back to which I asked if she had a good break etc....................nothing, she put me on "read" and literally never heard from her again. I couldn't understand why she would contact me to tell me she was home just to then walk straight out my life. Very odd behaviour. We were perfectly fine before she left.

In short, a lot people only complain about someone's actions if they are the ones getting hurt by it. She condemned her ex for dropping her like she didn't matter and yet didn't think twice when she decided she didn't need me around anymore. No explanations, just cast away because it suited her.

The problem is with these kinds of people, they are selfish enough to contact you again when it suits them, your boyfriend didn't consider your feelings at the time but now wants you to consider his.

I think its just good to learn what people are like, there was no need for her to end it like that with me, she couldve been an adult and spoke to me but she didn't. People would rather burn bridges in the moment because they only consider their own well being.

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