Looking for another perspective: Why is the current policing system good?

Hello! Thanks for answering.

The stats are very informative - I appreciate you providing them. I’m also extremely happy to hear that your department bases things on fatality data. I can get behind that.

One thing I will mention on a side note (that in no way applies to you directly) is the way I’ve been treated by cops in the past.

I drive a Camero (because I’m a douche, lol). A while back, I had a side job at a Jimmy johns, and my manager asked me to drive her car (worth maybe $1k) back to the store. I got pulled over for speeding (which I was, no argument there), and I have never ONCE been told “keep your hands where I can see them” or asked “do you have drugs in the car?” When driving my car.

While I do recognize that this is one guy’s personal experience, and I understand that there is a reason behind certain stereotypes, the blatant profiling is not acceptable. It hurts the public’s trust in law enforcement, if nothing else.

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