Looking for canoe lakes with car access that lead into backcountry.

Another idiot trying to save a buck. Us land owners are fed up with trespassing. Damage to lands by the lake or river, littering, noise and feeding wildlife. Sold my property because it was hard to keep out the " I promise to clean up afterwards or You'll never know we were here. I've have fences ripped down letting our cattle out onto the roads. Or large group of hikers cut through our yard while playing soccer with my kids one night. It was once a month during the summer but that increased to 5 or more per day. Even with signs saying no trespassing people still do it. There is a campground just 4.5 km away. I was constantly getting my neighbors animals on my property. A wooden fence dissembled with tire tracks leading to the river. My neighbors kicked someone out who cut down trees to build shelter and said he was making a documentary another accused this man in his 70s of stealing kayaks off the roof of the car. He found them after he heard the person yelling for his dog. To understand what I am talking about. Buy your own property and try and keep people off of it who think it's ok to trespass.

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