Looking for contributors and/or sponsors for open source game engine written in LuaJIT

I don’t mean to burst your bubble or anything, but you’re gonna have to take this project a LOOT farther in order to get contributions (code or $$$).

I don’t mean to knock your work, I’m sure it’s great, but so many other people have written game engines like this. The first that comes to mind is GoLuwa by CapsAdmin. There’s also Love3D by shakesoda and that other guy. And then there’s also that one game engine that got posted on Facepunch a while back. And NONE of those have any real traction, let alone other people paying them their hard earned money.

Like if you really want this to take off then take a page out of Leafo’s book with Lapis, he wrote a fuckton of docs and has it running on a production server itch.io and then again he only has code contributions, no $$$.


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