Looking for a digital artist who wants to be part of an animated TV show!

Oh and of course here's the story. It's a bit out there.

In the mid 1950's, in the heart of the American South, a sassy 9-year old black girl named Gwen is riding the bus home. At one particular stop, an elderly white man gets on the bus, and noticing that there are no seats, demands that Gwen give up her seat on the bus to him. In an act of defiance, Gwen tells him no. The man grabs her arm and starts ranting and raving, dramatically cursing Gwen to a life of unsatisfaction until the day she dies. Thinking this old white dude must be crazy, young Gwen continues on about her day. About 5 years later, on a bright sunny day during lunch on the high school campus, a now 14-year old Gwen sits with her friends. As they talk, a new student walks right in front of them and smiles directly at Gwen. She smiles back, and for the first time in her life feeling aroused, begins to blush. Moments later, a look of discomfort comes over her face, and she excuses herself from her friends running to the bathroom. Once inside, she begins to panic and she breathes faster and faster knowing that something is wrong. All of a sudden, she starts... changing. Her clothes are ripping apart, she is ballooning outwards, and her fingers start melding together. Horrified, Gwen lets out a scream, which comes out instead as a high-pitched croaking sound. Gwen looks into the mirror, and staring back at her... is a penguin. It's at this moment she remembers the bus, the old white-man, and the curse. She is doomed to a life of turning into a penguin every time she is sexually aroused. Flash-forward to present day for the show, the 1980s. Gwen, now older and alone having never had a family, lives a quiet life by herself in her family's old home. Because of her curse she is never able to get close to anyone, especially men. Finding herself on hard times, she decides to rent out the spare room in her house, but only to a female in order to risk any problems with her "condition". She ends up renting the room to a young mother and her 4 year-old son, who themselves are harboring a secret of there own. As it would happen, the mother is on the run from a secret organization that wants to capture her and her son. This woman and her son are special. Due to medical experiments conducted in her youth, she gave birth to an exceptional son who despite being only 4 years old, has the mental and physical adeptness of a full grown adult. He is also linked to his mother by an unnaturally strong umbilical cord which was never severed, and has an elasticity stronger than any other substance of Earth. Because of this connection, mother and son have a uniquely strong empathetic bond. Constantly being on the run, the mother and son have learned to defend themselves, and using the umbilical cord to there advantage, have developed a unique fighting style all their own. Anyway, when agents from this secret organization track the mother and son to Gwen's house, they break in at night hoping to capture them unexpectedly. But what they don't expect is Gwen. You see, over the years Gwen has learned to embrace her inner penguin, and herself has spent a long time mastering her abilities to her advantage - but first, she needs to arouse herself. After taking down the agents and sharing each others secrets they discover something that may connect all of them in a way they could have never imagined. The three of them hit the road determined to uncover decades old secrets that could rock the foundation of the world as they know it. Along the way, the three of them will will befriend "Agent H", an agent of the secret organization who wants to deflect and help out our trio. Week-to-week our main characters will get into plenty of misadventures helping all sorts of people. Each weekly episode is basically a new mini-adventure for the trio with mythology sprinkled throughout, with some episodes being full-on story (think X-Files' style). It's a adult comedy series, something you'd find on Adult Swim or FX. It's an absurd idea, and the characters are aware of this, but that doesn't make the situations any less serious in their world. The comedy isn't situational, it's character driven... so no "jokes". The idea is for a mythology and characters that the audience actually connects with, but with an almost absurd premise that can also be very funny at times. The name of the show is called Pengwen.

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