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[–]DeliciousNoodle [score hidden] 38 minutes ago  Hey man, are you able to upload some photos of your monsters? Usually helps to see your monster list (in a grid layout sorted by grade). I'm a pretty new/mid level player myself, so I am far from all knowing but I'll try to help with what I can. On your current monsters: Ramagos, water garuda, and water fairy are all great creatures, I wouldn't necesarily swap the fairy for a howl, as her spot healing typically is a full heal when she is properly runed. Have you considered a wind yeti for group healing? as long as everyone is alive, he can often full or nearly full heal everyone, and he's very easy to obtain/awaken. Also I never found my light garuda terribly useful early game, I found myself more and more often swapping him out for someone better at the role I was seeking, and I found his revive basically distracting one enemy the next turn to finish the revived monster off again. Again, I am fairly new myself and may not have seen his potential! What do you have for damage? This is where seeing your other monsters might help, especially the ones that might be great and you don't know it yet! permalinksalvardenunciargive goldresponder

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http://gyazo.com/11a058f62da5429ffda79f0da8e6df14 my dmg dealers are ramagos clean shot and tantra fire burst garuda of light I think, i can be wrong, that is better then the water garuda because she heals more and can revive, altough water garuda removes harmful effects. and garuda passive does help my monsters because it gives %hp for free in the dungeons. howl i prefer over fairy because fairy can't heal at all 16 k hp or can she? about my monsters i don't have a lot because all i get are salamanders and low elements, wtf, im level 24 and didn't got any good monster :(

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