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Fuck my fucking life you are the most annoying person I have ever met in my entire god damn life.

Studio headphones MEANS audio quality, accuracy, clarity and everything which brings about good headphones. That's the whole point of studio quality.

Hasn't the name given you a hint yet? This is why you're so ignorant and really coming across is quite stupid tbh.

The name of the headphones - "Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones"


Do some slower searches.

You're telling me the people that work into designing some of the highest quality, best selling headsets out there don't know what they're doing? What?

Erm... Kingston makes ram dude, they don't know shit compared with a proper audio company. Remember, Kingston didn't even make these, they are just rebranded "QPAD QH-90 Pro Gaming Headset" with some tweaks by an unnamed source, highly doubt it was kingston.

Audio Technica are fucking pros dude. Over 50 years making audio with some of the worlds best microphones used worldwide

"Audio-Technica has been supplying all the microphones for the Grammy Awards for the last 10 years"

Kingston don't know what they doing, no, not compared with a company which makes such finely tuned drivers for their headphones and is famous worldwide for the quality.

And stop calling them "mine", I keep telling you I.Do.Not.Own.Them

And if they were good enough quality, why would the mic matter? Fuck the mic, if they are the best, they WOULD use them.

And your next part is just more ranting, you are being so fucking IGNORANT.

Frequency response was already shown to cover more.

HOW MANY TIMES!?!?! I already told you I'm talking about frequency reponse ALONG THE FUCKING FREQUENCY RANGE LIKE IT HAS A VERY FLAT RESPONSE SO IT CAN BE USED IN STUDIOS AND SHIT jesus fucking christ.

I haven't even mentioned impedance of the drivers, but no, I won't even start talking about DACs and amps when you're already so lost.

Stereo headphones, due to their very nature, are inferior for hardcore gaming because they do not offer the same depth as surround

You do realise you can very easily get virtual surround on any headphones right? It's just virtual surround, only has 2 drivers still. Surround is basically useless when it's sitting next to your ear anyway.

Once again, cost is not a solid indicator of quality. You say that gaming headphones are overpriced, but they cost less than your godly headphones.

No, cost of manufacturer is a complete indicator. Cheap drivers = shit quality.

I won't say any more, you can be as ignorant as you want don't bother replying because I'm done talking to you.

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