Looking for opinions on my marketing plan for a local gutter cleaning business

My experience with google ads (~400k spend so far) is that shitty, simple websites convert better for home service based businesses (my niche.)

As they said if you make it too fancy / nice / apple-like people think it’s disingenuous or just a middle-man lead selling service (like myself.)

All my websites are simple 1 page scrolling landers:

  • Quick information above the fold (what we do, where we do it, confirmation of user’s search term, phone #, CTA)

  • pictures and very basic additional information below the fold (I use this space to elaborate a little on the specific service or if they searched for something general “ex: general contractor” I’ll then provide a list of services and some sales copy to entice them to convert. I end the page once again repeating the same CTA as above the fold. It seems to convert very well for home services.

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