looking for other podcasts similar to TESD

I used to think most listeners of TESD must have pretty similar taste, that we're all responding to the same thing, but over time I've come to figure that's not the case. And so for others maybe these are shit, but to me in all my podcast listening the only things I've found that give me a similar feel to TESD, in terms of being genuine interactions that are funny to me, are:

The Ink Panthers Podcast - This ended a few years ago. It's two cartoonists just talking about whatever, almost never cartooning. They don't bust each other's balls but they have that same genuine conversation feel that TESD has. Episodes with frequent guest Tony Consiglio feel the closest to TESD-feel to me. Stories including hiding in a cupboard to avoid hanging around with his father-in-law and threatening a man in a Petco who cut in front of him in line and then hiding after the man said he'd see him in the parking lot. It's maybe tough at first, the original sound quality is bad, but I feel a fair few here if they committed to the first ten episodes would get into it.

Star Wars Minute - This features one of the hosts from Ink Panthers. I don't recommend this as strongly but I do TIPS but I do think it at times also has the same genuine feel as TESD. I'm also not into Star Wars (I like the movies OK but don't know side character names and such) and so it doesn't require a love of SW to like it. They're examining each movie one minute and a time and talking for about twenty minutes each episode, so they usually go off on weird tangents.

We Hate Movies - This is a show with four or five friends talking about a bad movie each week. I don't think it really feels like TESD, they're talking about a specific thing each week and staying fairly on topic, but they have a chemistry and talk genuinely (although some times they get kind of hacky). Every so often they do a listener mailbag episode. Maybe those are good to start on. I recommend 'Unruly Audiences' from last January, including a story about a girl pooping herself at the movies.

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