Looking for Partners MEGATHREAD!

Primary Role: Tank

Secondary Role: Tankdom

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Age: 23

Games Played: Overwatch (bad at it, though its my favorite game just don't like to play alone), League of Legends (Also pretty bad lol), FF14(new), started Dota 2 recently. NA server all

Timezone: GMT -5 (CDT)

Opening: Mostly looking for people to play with in those games, I can be a dom especially if put into the mindset. Past when I not in that mindset I just like to joke around and have fun while also trying to get better whether in norms or rank. Past that just looking for people to chill with while playing some of those games. New to FF14 and Dota as I said, but not to the other two. In all I'm pretty bad. So if we do play hope that's not a problem lol. As for my roles I'm usually just like an idiot having fun, but I go full dom if button is pressed. Though as for I guess actually looking for a partner I'd want something more serious.

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