Looking for perks/items to restore used up natural resources

I'm a little late but there's also Box of Resources from the Mass Effect Andromeda jump. In my opinion it's kinda meh in jump but post jump it's OP AF

Box of Resources (600CP, discount Technician): Have a box full of the Heleus cluster’s

resources! Great for all your crafting needs, and ensures that you can always use your

Andromeda gear. Omni-gel canisters, eezo, angaran meditation crystals, kett alloys, remnant

polymers, eiroch fluid sacs, remnant cores, renderable plates, scale fibers, shell filaments, soft

chitin. You will have to find your own source of the non-exclusive minerals though. This box is

as big as the shipping container for the Nomad, is equally divided amongst the 11 resources,

and will refill itself once a week.

Post Jump, instead of a single shipping container divided amongst the resources, you

get a shipping container of each resource, and they all refill monthly. In addition, anytime you

run into a universe specific material that you regularly use for crafting, another shipping

container will be added. You must have used that material for crafting purposes several times

before it would count.

I basically defined 'universe specific' as not on our table of elements or something capable of being manufactured in real life. Sooo... Element Zero, Adamantium, Vibranium, Mithril, Orihalcum, Adamantite, Deldrimor Steel, Crystalline, Magic Crystals, Tartarite, Harkanium, a special wood that can only be harvested from a specific tree in a specific universe only once every 100,000 years. You could have a shipping container full of each. Granted there's the small requirement to fulfill but it isn't too hard.

It would be up to you whether you would allow something that's everywhere in the multiverse but not here like dragon bones, or skin, or whatever.

I mean, this wouldn't help with things like gold, steel, iron or titanium but that stuff is pretty ubiquitous.

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