Looking for a second monitor to go with my new PC for watching movies, is the one I've chosen good for that?

For anyone who sees this post in the future I got some PM advice regarding this and some advice from mates. Generally speaking they told me that Blu-ray plays in FHD (1920x1080) unless you fork out for 4k Blu-rays so you don't have to go above FHD - this also makes it less graphics intense if you are gaming at the same time. It's also for the same reason as FHD not worth going high on your refresh rate and a base around 60-75hz is enough for just watching movies. Blue-light Filter and Flicker Free technology is also a big deal to help reduce fatigue.

In regards to other things like the panel type and size those can be open more to preference. A VA panel offers a better contrast ratio than an IPS panel at the expense of colour vibrance which is in no way saying that the colours on a VA panel are not very good and well above the quality of a TN panel. What this means is that a VA panel will have darker blacks and brighter whites with a full range of colour whilst an IPS panel will have brighter blacks but more vibrant colours (better for photoshop work than movies). In the end I chose a VA panel for those blacks and whites. Size wise was mostly due to my constraints than anything else though a smaller size at that resolution offers better pixel density per inch on the screen which makes the images look better than if I went super large.

TL:DR: This is a good monitor for watching movies so long as size isn't a big issue for you.

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