Looking for someone to help update a Houston electronic dance music calendar

you're welcome; I enjoy doing it!

Stereo Live gets the biggest names. NightCulture in general seems to do a good job in bringing the most popular names to venues in Texas. Occasionally, Stereo Live has more of a "local" lineup, or will bring in someone less popular (e.g. KOAN Sound tonight).

Sometimes I think the metadata or "tags" column could be improved a lot - it's hit or miss sometimes, especially when I've never heard of the lineup and/or never been to the venue.

I posted my opinion on venues in another sub recently: " Kryptonite, Limelight, Stereo Live all book a ton of "EDM" - if you consider "EDM" to be the prevalent big room/trap/dubstep sound at massives around the country. Of course, it depends on the night and who's playing. In the last few years, I would say Stereo Live has a history of branching out the most out of all 3 venues (Wunderground deep house series, Sundays on the Terrace, Infected Mushroom, etc.). The major thing about Kryptonite and Limelight is that they are open afterhours (I think South Beach is the only other major club open afterhours). Also all 3 of these venues are 18+

If you're on the calendar you can sometimes tell the vibe if you look at metadata/genre column - if it has "big room" or "dress code" listed you might want to look into it a bit deeper before diving in. A lot of the "dress code" venues are along Washington (e.g. Hughes Hangar) or in Midtown (e.g. Proof Rooftop, Red Door). I know Lumen Lounge has a dress code as well.

Venues with consistent electronic dance music: Boondocks, Jet Lounge, Alley Kat, The Flat, Fox Hollow, Eastdown Warehouse, Numbers.

Avant Garden, Last Concert, Black Barbie, Summit, the Silo - these occasionally have electronic dance music too "

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