Looking to form a casual UK team: >3.5k MMR

Introduction: Hello! My name is Mikkel, but go by the name 'SkyggN'. I'm turning 19 tomorrow(11th March) and are done with my studies in two months. After my studies I will take 1 year where I will do whatever I please, so I will have a lot of spare time.

Personal Qualities: I see myself as a good addition to any team inside of my skill level, I have a few qualities which can be very useful for a team. They are useful for teams both outwardly as well as inwardly.

My Pros

  • Can be funny at times, no promises.

  • Can make custom flags/symbols for clans.

  • Can set up free communicative servers.

  • Can engage in fluent English conversations

  • Am Viking/Danish

  • Have over 1800 hours in DotA 2 alone(Rarely AFK in client)

  • I have played competitive.

  • I have made over 3 clans, so I got some experience in that aspect.

  • Can play Mid/Carry/Offlane player, got a good knowledge about supports and can learn them if needed.

  • Solo MMR is 3.7k, hoovering around 3.7k-3.9k. Party MMR is 4k.

  • Tries my best at keeping morality up in the team, this is one of the most important things IMO.

  • Had a friend who played professional Counter-Strike, if team succeeds he can be able to find a manager and maybe get a simple sponsorship (This is far into the future, I'm here to find a team, not win TI)

My Cons

  • Busy at the moment due to exams in two months.

  • Can rarely play on fridays and/or saturdays because I'm often out one or both of those days with my buddies.

  • Can be stubborn at times.

  • Can get mad, but never at people, only myself.

  • Might need a hand pointing out my small flaws.

  • Need to get used to the new meta, only been playing for a month after a pause of 5 months.

Thanks for reading, if I don't fit the team I'd like to wish you good luck!

EDIT: My Dotabuff if you want to look at that.

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