Looking to partner with a coder to create a BSC coin - I have an EXTENSIVE background in social communications & marketing!

I'm flexible. Not asking for a handout, but was hoping to go 50/50 on a the project. Marketing is a 24/7 job once things get moving. I currently work 60-80+ hours a week on dev teams for a few coins as is... Might as well spend the time pumping my bags instead of other peoples.

I can pretty much guarantee a moonshot [10x-100x+ which is 1,000%-100,000% gains] with the right coder & marketing team.

- I have multiple people to create a website for a coin
- I'm in communication with a handful of NFT artists if the project takes off
- I can and already get projects trending as #1 on the top crypto subreddits
- I'm in communication with an extensive list of crypto Youtube influencers
- Tons of Twitter crypto influencers

- I also have a team of people ready to hop on for marketing.

I'm talking some of these people put in $600 a few weeks ago and now have $500,000 type of money - 64,000% gains + type of money...

That's life changing money & I'm 100% serious about this proposal.

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