Looks like cycle 9 is approaching

I went ahead and have been doing some blood work and vadinal ultra before 12 months, I'm 34. SO has had SA. There is still prolacting test I'll do next cycle and HSG. I was planning to do HSG at 12 months when I would have been able to do at public infertility clinic. But now due to covid the lines there are even longer than usual and even though I got a referal already before 12 months to join the line, it would still take several months. So I will have the HSG at a private clinic probably next month. The clinic also is not doing treatments at the moment but are doing tests.

Then I guess will consider our options after 12 months. In the current situation (which is actually very calm and under control in my country) it's unlikely that we would start any treatment right after the 12 mark.

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