So it looks like KiA is now being targeted. Saw this floating around on Twitter.

Well, you see... If you scroll down all the way to the bottom of any 8chan board, at the bottom right, you'll see this:

"[Yotsuba B] [Yotsuba] [Tomorrow] [Dark] [Photon] [Custom]"

^ Each one of these buttons represents a color scheme. ^

If you're an asshole who loves to spread misinformation like @iglvzx, you can fool gullible idiots by changing the color scheme to that of /gamergate/ and take a screenshot of /baphomet/, and claim it's from /gamergate/.

But the thing that'll give you away, that most gullibles are too uninformed to notice, and anyone that's been on any chan for longer than 15 minutes will notice right away and laugh at you for, is that the information shown on each post differs in each board. The things that set /gamergate/ and /baphomet/ apart are:

  • Usernames - /baphomet/ and most other boards usernames are "Anonymous" whereas /gamergate/ has "Person of the Year" or whatever other shit they change it to each month.

  • Post number - Each board has a different number of posts. The post in question, that @iglvzx showed was No.14120, and as of right now /gamergate/ has 200938 posts.

  • ID code - Each person who posts is assigned a random ID code to identify who's posting what in a thread. /baphomet/ and many other boards don't have this feature enabled, but /gamergate/ is among those who do.

  • Post content - /baphomet/ is generally a malicious group of dick-sharts who will attack anyone who they think will give them lulz (yes, they attack our stupids too, but to a much lesser degree because we share the same chan or some shit). /gamergate/ is generally a reasonable and decent bunch, who are at worst a bit politically incorrect for laughs (as is with all chan culture).

  • Board name (not related to post info, but relevant) - The board name wasn't shown in the image @iglvzx supplied but it was shown in the archive link they supplied, so I'll just chalk that one up as willful ignorance on your part.

So either @iglvzx managed to catch /gamergate/ when they renamed their board to /baphomet/, had usernames set to default, had ID codes disabled, and somehow managed to get 186,818 posts in a few days. <~OR~> @iglvzx is a lying shitgoblin who's intentionally trying to spread misinformation about gamergate and should not be trusted.

As a person who is sane, the latter sounds 100% more reasonable than the former to me, given the obvious evidence. The only way you could be lead to believe the former is true is if you're batshit crazy, being tortured, or you're just ignorant and willing to believe what anyone says without verifying for yourself (not hard since they provided verification and still lied anyway), just because they're on your side.

~Listen and Belieeeve

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