Looks like Philly needs help.

Yes. PES refinery is actually 2 refineries that are next to each other, Sunoco "combined" them when they bought them both in 88 and 94. They operate separately except for 1 boilerhouse feeds both refineries. This happened on the opposite side that I work at. I never worked on an Alkylation unit and have limited knowledge on our 433 HF unit where the fire happened. Light ends leak in Pump alley. Fire got out of control. Operators told to stay in their blockhouse(explosion proof). 30min after initial fire started their Surge Drum exploded. I'm guessing it was a BLEVy. Our fire response team was sharp enough to evacuate before the explosions. Instrumentation is destroyed in that area and isolating the Now multiple sources was difficult. I don't know too much about what happened our the Fallout of this. Hopefully the city doesnt pull our permits to operate here and we can stay open. No major injuries thankfully, and No HF Acid release. Many units operating at reduced rate because of low steam production. Fuel gas system controls we're destroyed in the fire, same fuel gas network that feeds the boilerhouse.

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