Looks like social distancing with Javi’s football teams... If the kids get it I hope the little league championship was worth it!

Oh my god, just shut the fuck up with these posts already! WE GET IT! JAVI AND THE REST OF THE TM CAST DONT CARE ABOUT SOCIAL DISTANCING! We don't need 1200 posts about it. Covid is in the news 24/7. This is a snark sub where I come to snark on these idiots who make several bad decisions on a regular basis. I come here to temporarily GET AWAY from the fucked up shit going on in this world. I wanna see more posts about Amber's ridiculous, drug infused lives or Jenelle's moldy brow kits or Kail's potential idiotic baby names. I do not care what the Teen Mom cast thinks about current social or political issues because I don't look to them for advice on how to live life. Nobody should look up to these idiots. They're only famous because they're known for making bad choices, such as getting knocked up at 16. Javi and Lauren let baby Eli be around a partially vaccinated Lincoln and an unvaccinated Lux so idk why anybody is surprised that they're gallivanting around having a la dee da time while a pandemic is going on.

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