Los Angeles is closing city parks, beaches and trails, mayor says: "That doesn’t mean gather elsewhere. This is serious. Stay home and save lives."

I subscribe to this subreddit and visit it multiple times a day, and still go out every day, Why?

Selfishness, and herd mentality - Everyone else is doing it; I had might as well do it too.

I see packed roads, packed parking lots and packed stores. The bars are closed because they have to and the stores close at 8pm because nobody will stay out after that because the bars are closed anyway and it's dark and cold.

The only people taking this seriously where I'm at is the local law enforcement and first responders, listening to a police scanner atm and I get chills every time I hear people speaking. They are fucking scared. You can hear it in their voice, you can hear it in their words, you can hear it in their responses. People who have dealt with the worst shit you can imagine are barely holding it together when 911 dispatches them to citizens who called in for a cough or a fever.

The state patrol and local leo don't pull ANYONE over for speeding, or minor traffic violations, and the city police enacted a policy to ignore misdemeanors, and not currently active felonies. They basically have the current strategy of visibility as a deterrent and minimal contact unless getting in contact is safer than letting that person get away. They park all along the highways and patrol like they do at 2am on a weekend, but they don't initiate traffic stops. I've seen one person pulled over in the last 3 days, and it was a statie. Trooper was fucking standing back like 5 feet from the window behind the B pillar, you could tell he was sketched out as well.

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