Los Angeles Daily Discussion Thread - Wed, Jun 16

I hated the 9-6p world and answering to a boss. I often disagreed with what they did (or how) but had to do it their way, which ate at me. I want to live or die by my own sword, doing what I believe in, not for something I don’t. I’ve always been like that though- I’m impossible to manage but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who works harder or is more of a self starter and I like to work. I also have a lot of entrepreneurs in my family so that world never looked that scary to me. I will say that I learned a lot about business after launching mine and realized it takes serious capital to scale. That’s why I sold the majority of it- I simply couldn’t scale it on my own. That was a sad realization because I really believed I could scale it by re-investing profits but not a chance. I sold most of it to my new partners and they’ve since invested nearly $500k to scale it- not chump change- AND it’s still not profitable btw, 5 years later! A business is no joke although I guess it depends on the type of business. I was in the food/bev space and we manufacture/distribute a product so it’s cash heavy to scale. It would be radically different if my “business” was say… providing IT services to third parties for example- that won’t require large investment as it’s just a service with likely little overhead. I’ve moved on and am just a silent partner there now. I’m still independent though (a Realtor, blah!) and while what I do may change, staying independent won’t. It just fits my personality more.

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