Los Angeles officially on tactical alert after man opens fire on LAPD officer.

Have you ever heard of fear? I'm sure they want to, but bad people have connections just like any other person. They can put themselves at risk and their family at risk, even fellow close co workers. People with connections are in deep. Plus, EVIDENCE is always needed to prosecute them. I can't just point the finger at you and say "hey guys, this person is a bad person, therefore we should all kill him." what do I know about you? Nothing, other than you shit talk on the Internet, you probably can't get words out in person just like I wouldn't be confronting you about this if I could in real life. Plus, they aren't any higher than us but because they are suppose to uphold the law, we think they should know to act a certain way. And if there's one bad seed, it gets turned into a whole bc the media can make it more than it should be. Everyone is fearing for their lives. Your definition of fighting back does nothing for anyone but create chaos. I can track you down and have you gunned down and what difference would it make for anyone else? Nothing. Just another "poster child" in the obituaries. Same would be for me and any other person. You're a nobody. I'm a nobody. We've one nothing but live for ourselves. The military, law enforcement etc live their lives to serve the people. Any first responder has done something more than we can ever imagine to do. You don't say shit about a nurse who was caught killing others bc she "needed" the medication to get high at work. No one wanted to tell on that person, they just got investigated and low and behold they got her/him. It happens a lot more than you'd think. I don't see anyone saying all nurses should get gunned down bc it would be an "accomplishment." just get over your hate. There's bad people all around, people with the upper hand can be as evil as we could ever think of being. But there is a good amount of people, yes they can stand by just like you shit talking and hope the evil ones get picked out. That doesn't mean the seeds should be seen as an entity. If you're evil, I'm evil. Maybe we should just blow up the whole plant, right?

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