Los Angeles stories

The short answer is yes.

The girl I was seeing was good slut and we'd go out to dinner to a bunch of nice restaurants. Mostly one old school Hollywood place, and we had a game. I'd tell her that she wanted to go to the bathroom. She'd get up. Go to the bathroom and I'd follow her. By the time I walked in the door, she'd be in a stall. It was a public bathroom. Two stalls next to each other. She'd be sitting on one of the toilets, door unlocked, eyes closed, and mouth open.

I'd come in. Unzip my pants. Place my cock in her mouth and let her start sucking. She'd suck my dick until I got hard in her mouth. She'd cover my with spit when she sucked my dick and it would make noise, so when people walked in, we'd have to pause. I'd place my hand on her throat and hold in there as we listened to them piss.

When they left, she'd go at it again. Eventually, I'd stop her. Fill her pussy with my fingers until they were soaked. I'd let her taste them. Then I'd cover my dick in her cum and spit and have her bend over the edge of the toilet. Then I'd spit on her asshole and rub my dick up and down along her pussy until it was soaked.

Then I'd fuck her ass. Always stopping if some else came to piss. I'd fuck her until I filled her ass with my cum. We'd breathe. She'd stand up. Pull down her dress, usually with some cum dripping down her thigh, then I'd leave, and then she'd leave.

We did this over a course of years. She was my slut. Even when she was with other people, she'd come over afterwards, tell me what she'd done with them, and I'd fuck her again.

I still miss her little asshole and the way she'd let me use it sometimes.

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