Losing my Artifact taught me something: I am not a fan of "Rental" Abilities.

Wow downvoted for speaking the truth. I get that people get attached to them, but why can't you keep it real? This is still an MMORPG game, things must change with each expansion. We can't go on doing billions of dmg and having a ton of spells and talents because the more we have the harder they are to balance and please people. And don't say Legion wasn't balanced - it was the most balanced expansion so far if you look at the sims. This sort of trim is essential to be able to balance the game further.

Plus..do you seriously need some sort of cinematic specially designed for you just so you can have a justified reason to let go of your weapon ? I mean come on...that would make you go "ok now i can let it go." ? The same happened with Pandaria cloak, why are people such babies. It's enough that we had a quest for every spec when Legion started, and then the entire expansion focused on the weapon.

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