Lost Ark Warrior vs WoW Warrior Armor Sets in 2022

It's like you don't even know what you are talking about. This Lost Ark skin is $20 IN ADDITION to their "not mandatory but actually mandatory" subscription of $15/mo.

Lost Ark nickels and dimes you the whole game. Oh, you crafted or gathered too much today? Sorry but you can't craft anymore unless you buy X potion to restore your energy. Don't want to do an hour of dailies today? Skip them for only $5! Run out of upgrade materials? Don't worry your 35% chance of upgrade that will most likely fail can only cost you $5! Your teleports on cooldown and a boss spawned on the other side of the continent? Pay $1.99 to bypass your teleport cooldown. Oh, you what that +16% buff to health or damage from your card pack? Don't worry spend $$$$$$$ on a "1/1000 chance" to get the card you need! Oh did I mention that you need multiple copies of the rarest cards in the game to get your optimal build? Oh, your progression is halted because you need to spend a lot of time increasing rapport with NPCs? Buy this chest now $$ that will skip days of grinding. Oh, your social skills are too low to talk an NPC? Don't worry just buy any $20 skin off the auction house for $20 to bypass it! Did your noob ass run out of resurection feathers or % based potions that are mandatory for endgame raids? Don't worry fork over $5 a week to buy your weekly limit of feathers or potions!

Lost Ark has one of the best core gameplay in an MMO I've seen in years but it is 100% p2w (or for my Lost Ark bros who will @ me "pay for convince").

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