The "Lost" Empire Strikes Back Documentary by Michel Parbot (1980)

Absolutely agreed - the reality and non-contrivance/heightenedness in this documentary, and in the film in fact, was refreshing. Simpler times which allowed for more focus. These features bring me solace and peace - not saying the days of worthwhile filmmaking are dead and gone, just that nowadays, rather than it being a case of having no choice (back then there was a much smaller margin for error with far more at stake, compared to nowadays where creating a film is much easier, or at the very least more forgiving), it's something you have to impose restrictions on yourself, rather than the restrictions imposing themselves on you. When I heard JJ doggedly adhere to practical effects and classic storytelling in TFA, I nodded and smiled with pride - Star Wars isnt just about constant innovation - it's about keeping things real, tangible, and most importantly, narratively tight and polished. Gosh, I love Kersh the most in this doc, followed by Kurtz. Such calm, non-heightened, pure certainty. Love the super exhausted yet professional, cigarette puffing british film crew. The small glimpse of IX we've had gave me vibes of this production, for sure - the fairytale continues, and will do so always, for years to come :)

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