I lost it as a parent and slapped my 9yo daughter this morning

[W]hen considering the lack of research on the efficacy of ABA in treating nonverbal children and the lack of research in support of long-term, intensive ABA therapy in the nonverbal population, as well as the lack of longitudinal research for an entire generation who have undergone this treatment, it is evident that we need to pause and look at what has resulted. It is important to read and to understand the research that is available, as it indicates negative effects surrounding the interventions and methods used in ABA therapy. Compliance, learned helplessness, food/reward-obsessed, magnified vulnerabilities to sexual and physical abuse, low self-esteem, decreased intrinsic motivation, robbed confidence, inhibited interpersonal skills, isolation, anxiety, suppressed autonomy, prompt dependency, adult reliance, etc., continue to be created in a marginalized population who are unable to defend themselves.

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