Lot of attention on days where I am not retaining or just broke a streak.

Not exactly the same thing but I’ve found there to be certain times when sex and ejaculating have been more beneficial for me. Deeper voice, a bit more confidence, enhanced vision to name a few. I do still get the lack of energy though along with a bit of mental talk, not being able to focus %100 on the future. I do feel the best when I’m on SR and hit the 10-14 day and onward but like I said there are certain times I find ejaculating to be ok. I don’t really count too much on the streaks because life is a journey and I have recuperated from a very intense life on PMO, then almost the same thing with sex, but I have learned to delay my rewards( dopamine ). I stopped the social media use, no Pron, Exercise daily, cold showers, meditation, healthy eating, quit smoking/ drinking, etc.. As of today I’m on day 2 of another streak and going to try to go far, furthest I’ve gone is 25 days and although I did feel a bit lonely sometimes , when I was in social situations I felt amazing and like I could conquer anything. Good luck brother

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