I see a lot of jewelry commercials encouraging men to buy expensive gifts for the women in their lives... why don't we ever see the reverse?

You're asking why do have these common attitudes towards men and women.

Imagine a village with 50 men and 50 women. There's a war and they send the women off to fight and only 5 come back. It would take generations for them to recover their population. Now imagine it was only 5 men that came back. In one generations time that village will have recovered.

We seem to know this and value women as almost a community asset. Which comes with advantages and disadvantages. Yes your community might be more invested in taking care of you, but they might also feel comfortable telling your what you can and can't do with your body.

Men get treated as a disposable asset. Yes you can do what you what, but don't expect anyone to come to your help.

Obviously that is a hopeless simplification.

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