I think a lot of people are missing the point behind the #BringBackNationalDex outrage

People love Pokemon. It's a great concept but the dev team simply isn't large or talented enough to keep up. And there are more complex matters at play. Gamefreak makes the games but Nintendo owns Pokemon and gets the income from the anime, merch, etc and Gamefreak only gets a portion of the games income. There is growing tension between the two.

I do feel for Gamefreak. I get wanting a small, close team. Nintendo obviously leans on them heavy, and it was probably Nintendo that rushed sword and shield as to not disrupt the other parts of Pokemon that only they make money on. The games probably have to be out in time for the anime, movie, side games, the card game, etc.

But that's the part that isn't sustainable, not the amount of Pokemon. Their business relationship, their desire to keep working on Pokemon year after year while Nintendo makes most of the money. Look at their other project called Town. It looks waaaaaay better than Pokemon. It's not crazy to think they both want an IP that they own completely, and to just work on new projects.

But at the end of the day, as a fan, i have to be responsible to myself and that means not swallowing lies and excuses and buying games that are a shadow of what they could be. We all have been giving them tons of money for 20 years. They need to deliver what is expected of them. Producing and consuming is a two way street. We can't let them do this kinda scummy stuff now they know they are too big to fail. It's a business and any business is going to give you as little as it can for as most as it can. I don't want Pokemon to be able to exploit that fact because my money and time have helped make them so successful they can now ignore and abuse me.

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